Last week I asked if it was weird for a single guy in his 30s to put a tree up for Christmas, I got my answer!

Let me first give you the whole story. I love decorating for Christmas. I've always done it with my mom, helped my Grandma when we were kids, and use to deck out my apartment with my girlfriend.

Last year, after I went through a breakup, I had the same dilema. How do I make my mom proud and still keep a masculine feel to the bachelor pad? Turns out I just bought a palm tree, and stringing some lights on it was both festive and pretty cool looking...


Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I realized I had to trim the tree down before I moved here from Petoskey...


No lights are going on that! So, I brought the question to the women of Channel 95-7. Do you think it's kind of weird for a single guy to have a Christmas tree. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that it wasn't weird!


In fact, there were a few people who called the show to say that it's bonus points for a guy to have a tree up!

How does your tree look? Feel free to post it on my Facebook page!