I’ve been single for almost a year, but before that I was single for four years. After that long of being alone and living alone, you get used doing your own thing. You develop your own routine alongside quirks. I call them "single people habits." The things you do in your own home, in your own presence that you wouldn’t normally do around other people.

For example, one of my single girl habits is peeing with the door open. Nobody’s there so why do I need to close it? But … if you want to be my boyfriend, just accept that when I get comfortable enough I might leave the door open around you, too. Don’t worry the same doesn’t apply for #2.

Which leads me to my second single girl habit. I eat ice cream straight from the container with a spoon. Isn’t the reason people put ice cream in a bowl is because there are others in the house? Well, it’s just me so I’m not really concerned about double dipping … or calories for that matter. 

Since we’re on the topic of food, my other single girl habit is my tendency to snack above the stove. Pickles, chips, dips, leftovers, you name it. I snack everyday above the stove in the same position: with my left foot up, resting against my standing right leg. Yes, it’s weird.

But not as weird as some of the stuff you see on reality TV, which I can’t get enough of. From Love Island to 90 Day Fiancé, the trashier the better.  Watching and liking these shows isn’t a requirement to date me, but accepting them is. 

Just like how you have to accept that I have conversations with my cat Harlee everyday. 

I also sit in my towel after a shower, talk to myself, and sing out loud… and not well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is after this long I’ve developed my own habits that’ll be hard to break. But single or not, we all have our quirks when no one’s watching, what are yours?

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