What the Hell Happened to My Other Shoe?!
The weirdest thing happened to me on Sunday when I went to the mall. So weird that I left the mall with one shoe. Obviously, I arrived there with both shoes on my feet but not so much when I left.
I was at Nordstrom cuz I needed to buy makeup but because I have a shopping addiction, I of course …
Kalamazoo Bar Makes it in Playboy Magazine!
It's one of Kalamazoo and West Michigan's most popular bars, the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange and it was just recognized by Playboy Magazine as having one of the weirdest themes in the country.
The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange was the only place from Michigan to make the list for: "America's Weirdest Them…
Odd Satisfactions in Life
Are there things in life that bring you an odd sense of happiness or satisfaction?
For example, putting the knife into a new jar of creamy peanut butter or seeing the puss come out of a pimple. Yes, there are people who enjoy that... haven't you seen all the recent videos on YouTube...
The Weirdest Holiday Gifts from Co-Workers
It's that awkward time of the year where jobs all over the country hold holiday parties or Secret Santa's and you can make a fool of yourself or the gift that you got your co-worker.
CareerBuilder surveyed workers, across the nation, and asked them to name the weirdest things they…

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