Last week, a woman running for city council in Marysville, Michigan went viral for her outrageous comments about wanting to keep the city white "as much as possible." This week, we are learning that she has dropped out of the race.

WXYZ Detroit reports that 68-year-old Jean Cramer submitted her resignation to the city on Monday morning.

The news station spoke with Cramer last Friday and she said that she didn't have enough time to explain her comments that she made the previous night at the public forum. So given the chance to explain herself, in the interview below, she says that she doesn't have a problem with Black people in the community but doesn't think there should be mixing when it comes to marriage. And when asked why Marysville should stay white, Cramer responded: "We like it the way it is." Ummm... no further explanation needed. This woman is racist and she's reflecting her backward views on the rest of the city.

Her comments went beyond Black people in Marysville. During the forum, Cramer also stated she didn't want any foreign people in the city either.

Someone tell this woman that her views and haircut don't belong in 2019.