In a new bill passed by the Michigan Senate, SB 250, the state of restaurants' potential re-closures and occupancy limits will now have a guide when it comes to the numbers of COVID cases within the state.

There is a lot of math and numbers here so bear with me, if I can figure it out enough to write this for you, we've got this!

It's been a hard year for restaurants here in Michigan, there is no denying that! Part of what made it so hard was the uncertainty of them even being able to be open and operate. Unfortunately, we did lose quite a few favorites here in the Mid-Michigan area, and this new bill can at least help those still standing "know what the rules of the game are" as  Sen. Jon Bumstead told MLive.

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MLive reports the bill was put forth by Bumstead who put it forth to the Senate on March 17th. SB 250 basically lists the different "phases" restaurants can fall into based on COVID test positivity rates across the state. "Phases" referring to occupancy limits, indoor dining policies, etc.

"Under SB 250, which passed 20-15, restaurants may not be open or host events if the state has a coronavirus test positivity rate greater than 20% for no less than 14 consecutive days," reported MLive. "Or if more than 20% of the state’s hospital beds were filled to treat coronavirus patients."

MLive also took explaining this all a step further and provided some examples of what this would look like or at least how the numbers "game" would work:

  • State's Test Positivity Rate: 3-7%
    • If this continued for a week or longer, indoor dining would only be restricted to half-capacity and events could have 50 people per 1,000 square feet.
  • State's Test Positivity Rate: 10-15%
    • If this continued for a week or longer, indoor dining would be restricted back to 25% capacity and events would only be allowed 15 people per 1,000 square feet.
  • Basically, as the state's COVID test positivity rates go up, restaurant capacities would decrease. However, having hard limits and figures makes this easier for restaurants and staff to prepare.

Now that the bill has been passed in the Senate, MLive says it will now go to the House for review and if it gets passed, this could be the playbook for any potential future epidemics.

For now, as more and more people in the state gets vaccinated, the latest spikes we are seeing are the last ones and our favorite restaurants, events and people can be back in our lives regularly!

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