By now you should've seen that adorable viral video fo a deer who was having the time its life at Saugatuck Beach amongst beachgoers. It may seem harmless but now the Michigan DNR is considering options on what to do with the deer.

A spokesperson for the DNR says because the deer has been exposed to humans the worry is that it could become dangerous. In the meantime its being monitored. If his behavior does change, the DNR is considering tranquilizing it for relocation.

Apparently, this isn't the first time has been friendly with people. The DNR has already been watching the buck for the past month (via MLive). A wildlife biologist says

The ideal situation would be that people would stop petting and feeding it. Unfortunately, it looks like this deer is extremely used to people.

People are advised not to engage with any wild deer including petting and especially feeding it. In fact, it's illegal to feed or bait deer in the Lower Peninsula.

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