Surprisingly, more Americans moved in 2020 between the months of February and July than in 2019 between the same months.  And even more surprisingly, the state that was the most moved to in 2020, was Michigan. analyzed data from the United States Postal Department to determine which states had the most changes of address and Michigan had the largest net gain of any state.  Most states had a small net gain, and only 8 states and the District of Columbia recorded a loss.

States with Highest Net Gain

  1. Michigan +45,408
  2. North Carolina +37,971
  3. Texas +30,603
  4. New Jersey +25,738
  5. Minnesota +25,315

States with Highest Net Loss

  1. Florida -235,765
  2. New York -117,251
  3. California -87,750
  4. Arizona -41,923
  5. Washington D.C. -15,638

The study also tracked what cities these people were moving to and from and New York City ended up being by far the biggest loser in 2020 with a net loss of 110,978 movers.  That number was way up from 2019 too, when only 18,887 movers left the city.

Even though Michigan had the highest net gain of movers, they weren't moving to any one city and instead moving to all over the state.  The cities with the largest net gain of movers were almost exclusively in Texas with Katy, TX being the big winner with a net gain of 4,414 movers.

Of all of the Michigan cities, only Traverse City made the list of the top 50 most moved to cities and that was just barely.

One of the biggest takeaways from the survey by was that a lot of people were moving out of cities and into the suburbs during the pandemic.

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