Did you know that swearing in front of women and children and making fun of someone who doesn’t accept a duel are misdemeanors carrying fines of $750 in the state of Michigan?

Well, lawmakers are looking to change that. Get your f-bombs ready. 

There are quite a few redundant, outdated, and antiquated laws on the books that police departments don't enforce that lawmakers want to get rid of them entirely.

Seriously, we have some dumb laws in this state - there's the one about swearing, the one about mocking someone who won't fight you, and even one that makes it illegal to trespass in a cranberry, huckleberry, or blackberry marsh (that one could land you in jail for 90 days.)

Have you ever heard someone sing the National Anthem in a way you don't care for? Well, in our great state, that can also land you in jail for a few months.

New House bills have been introduced that will repeal or recategorize these outdated laws. The House voted unanimously Wednesday to pass them.

Here are some other weird laws that will be hopefully be going away:

  • The requirement of any able-bodied man over the age of 18 respond to the state Department of Natural Resources to help out in cases of emergency. Failure to do so currently a misdemeanor.
  • There's also a ban on certain words in print advertising relating to sexual diseases, including: “lost manhood” or “lost vitality or vigor." Currently if you violate that law, you can be convicted of a midemeanor and spend a year in jail.
  • Did you know that walkathons are illegal in Michigan along with certain other endurance contests? Violate that one and you could go to jail for 90 days or pay a $100 fine.
  • It's also currently illegal to sell baby chicks, ducklings or rabbits that have been dyed.

The bills now move on to the Senate.