On Saturday, the graduating class of Bay College in Escanaba, MI was all set to walk the stage and get their diplomas. But the city motto of "Soak It All In" took on a whole new meaning, when a man walked on stage and showed everyone his butt.

Apparently, the 35-year-old gave everyone time to "soak it all in", and then calmly left the stage and walked through the crowd, before being taken into custody.

Must have been an impressive butt, I guess.

The local prosecutor also happened to be on stage making a presentation at the time, as Bay College Board of Trustees Chairman, and quipped that Upper Peninsula are great,

"...except for that knucklehead."

via MLive.com

A cop working the ceremony took the man into custody, and probably laughed pretty hard, too.

And yes, that really is the city motto for Escanaba. After this, it might change. We'll keep you updated.