Yes, you read that right, Michigan is the best place to live in 82 years.  I've been long saying this myself, well except that I think Michigan is the best place to live in the world, period.

Before I get into why Michigan is the best in 2100, I'll explain why I think Michigan is the best place to live.  It's simple really, it's because we are surrounded by clean fresh water and we have very few natural disasters to worry about.  But why will we be the best in 2100?

Popular Science released a video that outlined the natural dangers that we expect to see at the turn of the century and it is quite scary.

  • Rising sea levels will limit living near oceans and an increase in category 4 & 5 hurricanes will make living near a coast dangerous.
  • Tornadoes will become more severe, frequent, and unpredictable, causing many areas of the Great Plains to become even more dangerous than they can be now.
  • Rising temperatures will cause the majority of the country to be at greater risk of drought and it will cause wildfires to rage at a rate that could devastate entire regions of the Western United States.
  • Disease-carrying mosquitoes and bugs will expand their range to as far North as Ohio and Indiana.

So where are the sections of the country that will still be fine living for you and me?

Well, that would be the northern parts of North Dakota, Wisconsin, New York State, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine...  AND ALL OF MICHIGAN!

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