Great news!  Michigan is ranked in the top 5 in Thrillist's Best Beer States in America.  Bad news!  We weren't ranked number 1.  Ever since Grand Rapids was named Beer City USA, we've had a bit of a chip on our shoulder.  (By the way, we were dethroned this year by St. Louis.)

Michigan was ranked 4th on the list behind Colorado, Oregon, and California.  In the explanation for why Michigan was ranked 4th, Thrillist says that Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo laid the groundwork for Michigan being one of the best beer states in the nation with their iconic breweries Founders and Bell's.

Michigan also got a ton of other shoutouts for breweries all across the state: Jolly Pumpkin, Short's, Old Nation, Arcadia, Upper Hand, Blackrocks, Cognition, and Tenacity.

Thrillist ranked California as the best beer state in the nation, citing that San Diego is one of the best beer cities in the world.

Top 5 Beer States

  1. California
  2. Oregon
  3. Colorado
  4. Michigan
  5. Vermont

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