Electric Forest Festival 2024 has come to an end. And while the weather definitely put a damper on some of the festivities, those who make the trek to the Forest every year don't let a little rain get them down.

In fact, it wasn't just the festival-goers who enjoyed their time in the Forest in Rothbury this year - at least two Michigan State Police officers also appeared to be having the time of their lives.

In a video posted to TikTok that has racked up over 423,000 views, user It'sMeMisty shared a photo of two Michigan State Police officers enjoying their time at the festival, dancing and enjoying the music along with festival-goers while still protecting and serving.

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One of the officers even sported a sprout clip on his hat and "kandi" on his wrist (kandi are basically friendship bracelets - think the bracelets you see at a Taylor Swift concert). Both of which serve as a way for festival-goers to tell others, basically, "we're glad you're here."

The comments on the video really gave me a look into the world of Electric Forest. Fellow festival-goers were sharing stories of the interactions that they had with the officers throughout the weekend. In fact, it seems the officers had such a good time, that they're considering attending Electric Forest in an unofficial capacity next year.

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A TikTok user who simply goes by T shared in the comments,

They said we’re taking off this weekend next year and coming.

And, we've possibly learned a little more about at least one of the officers. TikTok user Jessica chimed in in the comments saying,

That’s one of my best friends! He said he loved electric forest and met the best community

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