Police in Bloomfield Township are currently investigating a situation that occurred last weekend at a Kroger store.

WXYZ Detroit says a woman went to the bakery section of the Kroger to pick up a "Superman vs Batman" birthday cake for her son. However, she wasn't happy with the way the cake turned out. But instead of telling the employees what she wanted fix she decided to take matters into her own hands. The woman went behind the bakery counter to try and fix it herself. Obviously, employees told her she couldn't be back there and that's when she got very upset.

According to police:

That's when she took the cake to the front of the store and "proceeded to 'drop kick' it." Police say pieces of cake were then everywhere in the bakery store."

As she was walking out of the store, she also kicked over a wet floor sign.

All this over cake?!

The angry mother told police that the cake "fell" out of her hands and denied kicking the cake. However, according to a witness the woman stepped on the cake several times claiming they EXPLETIVE "ruined" her 7-year-old son's birthday cake. No lady, you did.

The woman is now facing disorderly conduct charges.

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