File this story under "WORST IDEA EVER!"

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A woman on Tuesday found herself stuck inside an outhouse screaming for help after she dropped her Apple watch down the toilet and tried to get it back.

Michigan Woman Gets Stuck In Outhouse Trying To Retrieve Apple Watch

MSPNorthernDivison via twitter
MSPNorthernDivison via twitter

On Tuesday (September 19th) the woman went inside an outhouse toilet at Dixon Lake and ended up dropping her Apple watch down into the doo-doo.


Was It Worth It?

I myself have an Apple watch and would be upset if I dropped it into any kind of nasty human waste, But there is no way in hell I'd ever consider doing what this woman did to try and get it back.

She Lowered Herself Down Into The Toliet

It's one thing to stick your hand into a nasty toilet in hopes of retrieving your cell phone, or in this case an Apple watch, but it's another level of instantly to lower yourself down into an outhouse and try to find it.

MSPNorthernDivison via twitter
MSPNorthernDivison via twitter

The woman tried to climb out of the toilet and found herself stuck needing help to get out of the crappy situation. Thankfully a person passing by heard her cries for help and contacted 911.

How Did They Get Her Out?

MSPNorthernDivison via twitter
MSPNorthernDivison via twitter

The Michigan State Police assembled a rescue crew to remove the toilet from the outhouse and were able to hoist the woman to safety.

I'm glad she's ok but I have so many questions that are unanswered such as "Did she actually find the Apple watch"?

Unfortunately, I have a feeling will never know.

The MSP put out a statement saying:

If you lose an item in an outhouse toilet, do not attempt to venture inside the containment area.  Serious injury may occur."


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