After a single season in existence, the self proclaimed 'Michigan's Smallest Bar' announced that they won't be reopening this summer.

People's Cider Company

When they announced the opening of the tiny bar, several people thought it was a pretty bold move to find a space that would be very hard to bring in the customers, since there's not a lot of room for them to hang around once they arrive.

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And now, as we move into what would be their second summer of slinging ciders by the shore, they said in a video posted to Facebook that they couldn't reach an “amiable lease agreement” for the space with the City of Muskegon. (What a bummer)

Are there any plans for another tiny bar to move into the space, or for them to open another one elsewhere? Not at the moment, although they say they are looking for new space on the shore to open another spot next summer, anywhere between Muskegon and Saugatuk.

But hey- maybe they can just move Michigan's smallest dispensary into the space next, since that seems to be on brand these days. Good luck to People's Cider Company, and don't worry- you can still visit their Grand Rapid's location.

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