Recently one of my Facebook friends took a trip to California to do some exploring and hiking.

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When they got back and posted pictures online I was blown away by what I saw.

Credit: arnaud mariat via unsplash
Credit: arnaud mariat via unsplash

They had several breathtaking pictures of Giant sequoia trees.

Credit: vitto sommella via unsplash
Credit: vitto sommella via unsplash

Many giant sequoias are between 250 and 300 feet tall, the tallest being about 325 feet high.

After seeing those pictures I wanted to book a trip to California ASAP to see them in person. I also wondered where in Michigan could I find the tallest tree.

As I searched for the answer, I ran into a little problem.

Two Places In Michigan Claim To Have The Tallest Tree

According to the Michigan Botanical Club, the tallest known tree in Michigan is a Lenawee County blue ash standing 155 feet tall

However, this record has recently been challenged by a remote Upper Peninsula white pine, which was crowned Michigan's tallest tree in 2021, standing at 166 feet tall.

Where Is Michigan's Girthiest Tree?

The tree with the largest girth is a black willow in Grand Traverse County, measuring 402 inches in circumference

This tree is also known to be one of the oldest in the state.

Learn More About Michigan Trees

The Michigan Big Tree Program is a database that lists some of the largest trees in the state.

The program has identified the top ten tallest trees in Michigan, including the blue ash mentioned earlier, as well as an American elm in Wayne County measuring 146 feet tall and a tuliptree/yellow poplar in the same county measuring 145 feet tall.

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