I've been in Grand Rapids for 3 weeks and one of my favorite things about a new place is stumbling upon the hidden gems, especially when it comes to food.

Now, I wouldn't necessarily call this "hidden" but nonetheless it's a gem. I ended up finding Mediterranean Island, an ethnic grocery store that sells international food but the majority is Arabic. They also have a deli in the back of the store where you can find a variety of meats, cheeses and freshly made Middle Eastern cuisine.

I was SO incredibly excited when I made this discovery because for starters I'm Chaldean and nothing says home like good food you grew up on. Secondly, the moment I walked into the store the aroma brought me back to my childhood. The fragrance of different spices mixed in the air affected my senses & memories and I pictured myself as a young girl walking into the Arabic market with my mom and sister. The sight, smell, different foods all gave me a sense of comfort.

Before I start sounding like a novel, my whole point is that I made my first "hidden gem" discovery that's going to stick with me for the duration of my time in Grand Rapids... and that's exactly what I wanted! I want to keep making these amazing discoveries whether it be food, some sort of shop, or a hidden drive with a beautiful path. Don't be surprised that as my time increases here I start to talk/write about the places I come across.

What is your hidden gem in or around Grand Rapids?

As far as Mediterranean Island goes, if you ever decide to take a trip there yourself I highly recommend getting the fresh tabbouleh which is at the deli. It's absolutely delicious!! One of the best I've had that I had to go back twice in two days just for that. This time around though I got the biggest container I can get lol

Christine George
Christine George


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