This morning I put gas before work and when the pump stopped at $35.32 a slight sigh of disappointment came over me. It never lands on one full dollar amount! So I had to pump some extra gas into my tank so I can get it to an even $36. Thankfully I was able to accomplish that without going the extra cent or two over... I hate when that happens!! Usually if I do go over the few extra cents I just keep pumping until I reach the next dollar amount. It may sound crazy but I'm totally OCD about it! I can't help it!

Being a Type A Personality, I can be pretty anal about certain things. I get secretly get excited when I have to pay for something and I have the exact amount in dollars and change. I color-coordinate my closet and organize it from long sleeves to short sleeves to tank tops. My DVD's are all in alphabetical order. I'm a clean freak and in my eyes no one can clean as good as I can. A few times I've been at friends' houses and I've gotten so annoyed with dishes being piled up or things looking dirty so I'll clean it. I've even gone through a friends cabinets and threw out everything that was expired and re-organized their pantry and then ended up cleaning the entire kitchen. I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.

What is your obsessive behavior?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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