A few of us here at Channel 95-7 were invited down to Fifth Third Ballpark to taste test some of the new menu items for this seasons Whitecaps games. First off, let me thank the nice folks from the West Michigan Whitecaps organization for the invite. The food was terrific and came in huge portions. I love ballpark food and some of the crazy ideas that go into into making great menu items, so I was excited to see what they were going to throw at us. I listed the new menu items and some of my opinions below.

Fried Pickle Chips - I lived in Mississippi, the home of the fried pickle, for quite a while. I would not call myself an expert, but close to it. It is a food of choice when ever I have a chance to eat them. Fantastic! I do not even know if they had a dipping sauce, because the pickle were gone before I had a chance to check.

Smoked Turkey Legs - I felt like Fred Flintstone. The thing was gigantic. Great if you want to get full, not so great if you want to stay clean. Tasted the way I always dreams a turkey could taste... sorry mom! lol

Gluten Free Hot Dog - What? A ballpark serves healthy food? That's tastes good? Now I know.

BBQ Chicken Sluggers - By far the best thing that I tasted during this whole food fest. BBQ Chicken + Me = A quiet Joe!

Salsalitas - I'm not the biggest fan of chips, but I am a big fan of salsa. So I tired them out. Pretty good... tasted like you were scooping huge chunks of salsa on your chip, but you weren't, you were just eating chips. I like that idea.

Fried Pierogies - I think people were sick of me asking them if they were going to eat theirs. Its OK though, I have a few boxes in my freezer which the Whitecaps did not know that... until now.

Movie Theater Candy - All the goods, I escaped with 6 boxes.

West Side Po’ Boy - I was drooling when I saw this, until I noticed it had Sauerkraut. Not a fan of that so did not taste this, but let me explain this Goliath to you. Huge roll of bread cut in half with two polish sausages, fried pierogi, sauerkraut topped with marinara. Yup, that's solid, if you like Sauerkraut.

Vegan Pasties - No thank you!

Meat Pasties - Tasted just like a pot pie, never tried anything like it before so that's all I have to compare it to. Tasted good, it did not stay on my plate long if that means anything.

Ribs - St. Louis style, and that's just my style, tender and spicy. You like ribs, try some of these... then you'll love ribs.

So when you head down to the ballpark to catch a game with the family, make sure you try some of this food. It will not disappoint.