If you are a “technology geek” like me, you may have came across stories about a new game for iPad and Android devices developed for our furry feline friends. If you haven’t heard about this, whether you think it’s ridiculous or not, allow me to fill you in…

I guess everybody has their thing, and now, so do cats!  I’m just waiting till I call someone, them not answer, getting a call-back saying, “sorry, my cat was borrowing my phone, I couldn’t interrupt.”

According to one of my tech. geek websites Linkbuildr.com, Friskies cat food has released three ‘state of the art’ games for cats at the website gamesforcats.com.  The developers say the games get your cat to attack your iPad or Android device.  They also mentioned that,

“So far, the test cats have not scratched the glass of an iPad, but could damage the plastic cover.”

But I guess your cat destroying the cover to your new iPad is no biggie if it keeps the feline entertained.  I’m just waiting for Purina to release a new app/game for dogs, of a cat , so my Rototiller can reduce my iPad to a pile of finely chewed pieces of plastic!

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