We are all familiar with what Santa looks like, his look is iconic. Though this year it seems that Santa has undergone a makeover, at least in some areas.

Santa has traded in his big red suit and hat for skinny jeans and ugly Christmas sweaters. Thats right Santa has gone hipster to the point of even having a man bun! Maybe Santa wants to change up his look depending on where he visits because some pictures have surfaced of Santa in Portland Oregon and Toronto not looking like his normal self.

In Portland Santa is dawning an ugly Christmas sweater, jeans, and a man bun. He also rides a bike instead of flying in a sleigh!

In Toronto Santa has decided to go with a more fashion forward look. He appears to have lost a bit of weight and is wearing skinny jeans with an arrangement of suit coats and leather jackets!

What do you think of Santa's new looks?

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