Someone broke in and vandalized the Northeastern Little League concession stand. The group posted the news on their Facebook page.

Most of the damage was to equipment and food-related items. The season was already officially over for the little league club but the break in occurred either Saturday night or Sunday. NELL says they filed a police report and authorities have examined the scene. They expect the damages to be covered by insurance. Police forensics was on site photographing and fingerprinting the scene, but the majority of their equipment has been damaged.

Photos posted by the group show food, shelving and equipment strewn about the concession stand and large pieces of equipment (including what appears to be a refrigerator) tipped on their sides.

The group said,

"We as a league and a community will cleanup, rebuild, and come back stronger than before!"

Commenters on the Facebook post shared their anger and frustration that someone would do this, with one pointing out that this is, "like stealing from children."

Northeastern Little League serves the northeast side of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They offer Little League Baseball and Softball to boys and girls within the community.  Northeastern Little League, also known as NELL, competes within Michigan Little League District 9. Northeastern Little League is focused on the growth and development of the boys and girls who play NELL Baseball or Softball. You can learn more about the programs that NELL provides on their website.

The club and the authorities are still looking for the perpetrators. If you have any information, they ask you reach out to

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