Checking e-mail is a part of my daily routine and usually includes a couple of personal messages that I respond to while I'm working.

If there's something I need to find on the Internet, I generally wait until I get home.  However, surfing the net can be a timely thing, especially when I'm trying to get my hands on the best airline ticket deal!

According to a new study, taking care of personal business or playing a few games online -- while at work -- actually increases productivity in employees.

I remember the day that if you were 'caught' doing anything other than your work while at your computer you were either given notice that it wasn't cool to deviate from your work schedule or you were fired!

In a way, I'm not sure any company can fully monitor what everyone is doing at their computers at all times.  The goal of the study was to point out that it might be good for employers to encourage short 'internet breaks' in an effort to avoid employees spending too much time playing around.

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Source:  Time