It says 'ROAD CLOSED'  for a reason.

The Grand Rapids Police Department told WOOD-TV that since the construction project at the intersection of Leonard St. and Fuller Ave. began, they have given out 113 citations to people for "disobeying the law."

Signs are posted warning drivers that there's a road closure ahead but many of them continue to drive around the signs thinking they can sneak through. Only to be disappointed when they realize it's not possible. As a result, people cut through the parking lots of businesses [to get to the other side] which can pose a dangerous situation with other drivers and pedestrians, especially if speeding.

The GRPD says that the entire road isn't closed because crews need to get to the job and customers need to get to businesses."

The road project at the Leonard and Fuller intersection began Monday the 31st and is expected to be closed for the next three weeks. While the road will be open to traffic, work will continue until November.

The GRPD says if you are seen cutting through the signage you will be given a ticket which can cost you a $135 fine plus two points on your record. This is to show drivers they are serious about the matter

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