There are a ton of thrills to be found at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. With record breaking coasters like Top Thrill 2 and Millenium Force, you're certain to have your adrenaline pumping before you leave for the day. However, some guests on Tuesday had an entirely different thrill come at them full speed- a pair of ecaped camels.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

According to a statement issued from the park, two of the camels from the park's Banyard Petting Zoo escaped on Tuesday afternoon, and went on a spree running up and down the nearby midway. They're named Artie and Sampson, and they got wild with their excitment of being free and able to enjoy one of America's favorite theme parks, themselves.

Since it's 2024, you already know that videos of these two humped misfits is already making it's rounds, and since we've had it confirmed that no one was injured, you're totally allowed to laugh.

@breathing_waterfall Camels escape at Cedar Point #cedarpoint #camels ♬ Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Tell me you don't sense the excitment this little guy is feeling for being free

@thenotoriousjjg Replying to @Ashley Parker ♬ original sound - Justin Garcia

While others were just shocked that the park has camels.

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Thankfully, everyone is okay after the chaotic incident, and someone even checked to see the the camels have any remose for their actions (they don't.)

@googas16 I think they enjoyed running about #cedarpoint #camel ♬ queen of disaster with sparkles - ˚ ˚。° ⋆♡˚🎀 ꒰ ྀི ◞ ˕ ก ꒱ ⭐️

Talk about a crazy way to celebrate hump day a little early. You can meet Sampson and Artie (in their appropriate area) all summer long at Cedar Point. Get into and tickets on their website.

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