I saw this video on Facebook and immediately had to find out more. It's a video of a sanitation worker helping an elderly lady get her garbage can back to the house.

The story I first saw with the video was,

“God bless you as always, darling!”

After witnessing an elderly woman take a fall trying to wheel her trash can up her driveway, a sanitation worker made sure that would never happen again—walking her to her door each time.

Just watching the video and seeing the man so nice and helpful to the elderly lady, even complimenting her hair and making a joke, I had to find out more about this video.  Thankfully I did through Honey.

So the lady is 88-year-old Opal and she suffers from dementia, so her daughter had installed a RING doorbell at her mom's house so hse could keep an eye out on her and see what was happening around the house. The other day she noticed the garbage truck parked outside and then the driver walking her mom and the garbage bin back to the house.

Well, it turns out, the driver, Billy Shelby, who works for Waste Management, saw Opal take a fall retrieving her garbage can back in January.  When she fell she actually hit her head and Billy saw it all happen. So now every week, he walks the trash can back to the house, so Opal will bever fall again retrieving it.

He's been doing this since January and NO ONE else knew about it until Opal's daughter saw it on the doorbell camera!

Opal's family now wants to do something for him, they live in Independence, MO, so they've offered to help him "do something fun, like go to a Chief's game" or something to say thank you for being so sweet to their mom.

Opal's daughter Collete, is quoted in the Honey story as saying,

"It's just so sweet that somebody that doesn't have any gain in this would be just extra nice to her. It just reminds you that there are still a whole lot of good people out there."

Very true!  Please excuse me, I want to watch this video a couple more times.

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