The cost of everything is rising faster than many Americans can afford to keep up with. When looking at your budget, sometimes you have to find ways to stay afloat. This unfortunately means that many pet owners are surrendering their animals to shelters as the cost of living increases.

Animal Shelters Across The Country Are Experience Overcrowding
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Economic pressures, such as rising housing costs, food prices, and medical expenses, make it challenging for families to afford pet care. That's why shelters across Michigan are seeing an uptick in surrendered pets.

In fact, according to data from the ASPCA in 2020 there were a record of 5.5 million animals in the sheltering system. And in 2023, that number rose to 6.5 million. They also shared that they are seeing studies that 67% of American pet owners can't afford the pet that they have.

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Several shelters in West Michigan are currently at capacity including the Kent County Animal Shelter, which is why these adoption events are even more important than ever.

Earlier this week, the Kent County Animal Shelter announced their own Empty The Shelter event running now through July 31st with the hope of finding some homes for these good boys and girls who are staying with them.

There's a second nationwide pet adoption and donation campaign returning for the 10th straight year this August called Clear The Shelters. The monthlong adoption initiative will take place from August 10th to September 10th, with their donation drive starting on August 1st in honor of their 10th anniversary.

But with Michigan Shelters at capacity, you don't have to wait until August to adopt your new bestie, there are tons of animals looking for a home right now.

Dog in Charity Shelter
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So if you're able, these animals need your help more than ever. After all, man's best friend deserves a best friend back, right?

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