The Veteran Vision Project features the most compelling photos you will see today. It's a photo essay that features veterans, each with a powerful message.

Student and photographer Devin Mitchell is behind this brilliant project, which features trick photography. In each image you see a veteran posing in the mirror, with their reflection telling a totally different story, showing the contrast in their lives.

Mitchell's website explains:

The Veteran Vision Project is an independent, privately funded and organized academic photo essay  of American military service members through a series of pictures. The Veteran Vision Project is a physical coffee table book, and the academic photo essay itself is not a non-profit entity; rather, it may partner with existing organizations to allocate resources and to deliver a message.

Subjects in these photos say it's theraputic, a way to get a message out to other veterans, or an avenue to draw attention to conditions like P.T.S.D.

Mitchell is traveling around the country to add photos to the essay. There are no dates set around Grand Rapids, but you can find a list of cities on his schedule, along with an application, here.

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CBS This Morning reported on this in February.