I'm a little disappointed in Pippa, usually she's the picture of fashion sense, but there is nothing sensible, or fashionable about wearing leggings as pants.

I've addressed the topic before. Well, not Pippa wearing leggings, but people wearing leggings as pants in general. It's not ok.

Leggings are made to be worn under things. Short dress? Totally pairs well with leggings. Long shirt? Another leggings "do".

But, Pippa didn't follow the rules. Not even a little bit.Which is weird, since I don't think I've ever seen her wear any sort of pants before.

At first I thought maybe they were jeggings, which aren't really acceptable either, but alas, they are missing the whole seam-on-the-side-back-pockets-that-are-functional aspect. Definitely not jeggings.

Then, I realized that she didn't pair the leggings with cute, sensible flats as should be done if you're going to rock leggings, in general. Nope, they're tucked into some ankle boots.

She obviously planned this outfit. It's actually kind of hard to tell what she's wearing as a top, since it's also paired with a green army jacket (which is super cute).

It's as if Pippa woke up that morning and thought, "Self, today you shall rock leggings as pants! Fashion gods be damned!".

Truth be told, she looks really cute, and she has the body to pull off leggings as pants. But still, leggings are not pants, Pippa. Not. Pants.

Check out the photos of her outfit from Huffington Post.