Last June, Pizza Hut shocked the world with hot dog-stuffed crust, it was unheard of and quite frankly, kind of weird.  This new concoction though is something I could definitely get behind.  This week Pizza Hut in London is testing out beer-infused crust for their pizza. Yep, they’re putting craft beer in the crust on the “Steak Feast” and “The American Hot” pizzas. They say that if it goes over well, they will roll it out to other stores in the U.K. which could then lead to it coming to the states.

From Eater:

Patrons who dine in at the restaurant on Friday and mention the secret phrase to their server — “I like it hop” — will get a free taste of pizza that features craft beer as an ingredient in the dough. Two flavors are reportedly on the menu — the steak feast and American hot — though no details on what goes into either were immediately available. Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, told the Mirror the idea was inspired by the rising popularity of craft beer.

I’m worried on how this test will go, since customers have to whisper “I Like It Hop”, while ordering their beer (yes they have to buy a beer.)  It’s not the catchiest of phrases, so hopefully enough craft beer lovers can over come their shyness to try the pizza, like it and then have it spread across the world.

Full disclosure: I may have skipped breakfast and that’s why I’m SO into this new pizza.  I’d be into a sausage biscuit if it were being talked about right now.