Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is trying something new and interesting with their pizza boxes. They teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK to create the Blockbuster Box, which allows you to turn the box into a projector once the pizza is out of it.

Pizza and movies are something that are complimentary of each other. Well Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has found a way to bring both to you in one order of pizza. Included in the box is a stand that's used to keep the pizza from getting sloppy inside the box and can then also be used as a stand for your smartphone.

Once the pizza is out of the box, you can remove the the ready to remove hole in the side of the box, scan the side of the box with your smartphone to unlock exclusive films, and set up your smartphone on the stand inside of the box. You are then ready to sit back and watch movies while you enjoy your pizza. Not only can you project the exclusive content offered to you, you can project anything else from things like Netflix, HBO GO, etc.

As of right now this Blockbuster Box is only offered in Hong Kong, but it could eventually make its way here to the States if it's big enough of a hit. However, the one thing that could be a potential problem is that the bottom of the box where your phone would sit most likely will not look like an unused box. It will most likely contain grease and/or pizza toppings, so if this box does make its way here, be careful when putting your smartphone into the box.