There's no way I can listen to these the same way again!

Buzzfeed recently put together a list of random facts about songs we all know. Pretty mind blowing!

For example, did you know 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia is a cover by Ednaswap? The original is MUCH more dark.


How about Madonna's 'Like a Virgin?' It's about a guy getting over a break up!


We won't get into Little Richards 'Tutti Fruitti' or Bryan Adam's 'Summer of 69.'


Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' is about a heroin addiction. I always thought it was about adopting dogs.


Look up 'Slide' by the Goo Goo Dolls


Did you know Justin Timberlake's 'Rock Your Body' was written by Pharrell for Michael Jackson's final album?


'The Way' by Fastball is about an old couple who went missing and were found dead in a ravine.


Bruno Mars wrote Ceelo's 'Forget You.'


If you graduated in the early 2000's you probably had some sort of graduation video montage put to the music of Eve 6 'Here's To The Night.' Woops, that song is about a one night stand.


The song 'Hey Ya' by Outkast is about a man stuck in a loveless relationship.


And let's end it on a creepy note; the song 'Crash' from Dave Mathews Band is sung from the perspective of a peeping tom!