It appears that Pokémon GO is all that anyone has been concerned with over the last few weeks.  So much so that people are trying to document every little thing they can about the game.  One Michigander has put together probably the most comprehensive map of Michigan based Pokéstops and Poké Gyms on the internet!

The public Google map allows people to post the coordinates for Pokéstops and Poké Gyms in the state of Michigan.  The map was just recently posted online, but people are adding to it daily and it already features hundreds of locations.

The Grand Rapids area is the most documented region on the map. That means one of two things.  Either Grand Rapids has gone completely insane for Pokémon GO, or the guy who made the map is from GR and it'll take a bit of time for others to fill in locations for the rest of Michigan.  From walking around downtown and talking to people, it seems like Grand Rapids HAS gone completely insane for Pokémon GO...

We also found a more comprehensive Grand Rapids only map that has TONS of Pokéstops on it and people keep adding more and more every day.