If you suffer from allergies like me and millions of other Americans -- grab a Kleenex because this season is going to be tough on you! 

I'm so sorry to break the news, but allergists are predicting an extra long ragweed season that could go through the end of October.

A couple of factors are to blame including a change in frost patterns.  Over the past decade or so, Michigan hasn't had its first frost until the week of Halloween, which is two to three-and-a-half weeks later than usual.

With this summer's record high rainfall and hot days, it is nothing more than a breeding ground for weeds and any plant that pollinates.

Mlive.com has a great list of facts that you may want to check out and be aware of this allergy season.  Click here to learn more. 

Until then, join the club and make sure you hoard as many boxes of Kleenex that you can because it sounds like we're in for some serious sneeze fests!

P.S. You can get daily pollen reports by plugging your zip code into pollen.com's website!