ArtPrize founder, Rick DeVos, is asking Michiganders to redesign the state flag.  DeVos has stated his unhappiness with the State Flag several times in the past and now he is trying to do something about it.

DeVos is offering $500 cash to the top 3 entries, yet didn't describe how the top 3 entries were to be determined.  We are assuming that he will just choose his 3 favorites to pay out the prize.

Rick DeVos went off on a bit of a diatribe yesterday about our State's flag:

"I've complained several times about how ugly and non-useful the current Michigan state flag is. It's a big missed opportunity. Michigan has amazing design talent, and a state flag is (or at least can be) a powerful community design asset. Think of it as a public park. Unfortunately our current flag doesn't function as such. For a positive example look at what CA, CO & others are able to do w/ their flags. So rather than just complain, it would be fun to do something about it, get some forward motion, and not overthink some big process. Selections will ultimately be at my discretion but will certainly be informed by general group feedback. The idea is that one of these could perhaps become a community design asset, I'm not interested in owning anything, so share widely."

Here is the official contest tweet that Rick DeVos sent out:

Here are some of DeVos' favorites at the moment:

This version is one of my favorite entries:

This is a pretty funny entry into the competition:


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