You now have more local shopping choices again, well local as you can drive to the store rather than buying things online.  I've been needing new running shoes, and haven't felt comfortable buying them online, especially since you can't push down on your toes to judge how close they are to the tip of the shoe before you buy it.  I'm not the only one that still does that, am I?

Rivertown Crossing, in Grandville, officially re-opened to the public today, Tuesday, June 6th, with new safety protocols and for some stores, curbside pick-up options. They even have a list of stores that are open, which was a pretty sizeable list.  The mall is open with slightly different hours, Monday through Saturday 10 am - 7 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Other changes the mall is making as they re-open are the increased safety measures including,

hand-sanitizing stations, touch-free interactions, frequent and intense cleanings, and social distancing directions.

Food court seating is reduced with each table being 6 feet apart from the others, and the restaurants are encouraged to still do take-out and carryout service.

if you are headed to Rivertown Crossing to shop, there will still be a few things that aren't up and running yet,

valet services, play areas, stroller rentals, and mall-operated carousels

On their website you can get more info on their safety procedures, also which stores are open - the list stays updated - and curbside pickup options that are available at the mall.



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