Ariana Grande made headlines this week for her strange antics at a doughnut shop. TMZ obtained a video of the pop-singer randomly licking doughnuts, claiming she hates America and kissing her backup dancer. If you didn't see the video you can watch it here.

Yesterday, Ariana gave a statement to Buzzfeed News, apologizing for her behavior and claiming that she doesn't hate America she actually is EXTREMELY proud to be an American, and she made those comments because she's concerned with childhood obesity in the country. (Umm.. ok?) She went on a long rant about how we need to educate ourselves in that regard. Yet she fails to address why she licked a doughnut.. not once but TWICE. You can read her full statement here.

While some Ariana fans forgave her for her behavior, Rob Lowe doesn't buy her crap. He put a link of her statement on Twitter and said this along with it:

As my grandpa would say: "Yeah, sure. Pull the other leg, it plays jingle bells!" #Lame

and then posted another brilliant tweet:

Cannot wait for the new Arianna Grande/Dixie Chicks jam to drop!

HAHAHA I can't help but laugh because I'm going to have to agree with Rob Lowe on this one. Sorry Ariana, I just don't buy it.

Rob - 2
Ariana - 0

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

What do you think of Ariana's statement and what Rob Lowe had to say in response?