This shouldn't come as a surprise. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says he is stepping away from 'Jersey Shore' to focus on his mental health. He is leaving the show to seek treatment for his longstanding mental heath issues. This news comes in the wake of his latest domestic violence incident a few weeks ago. He was recently arrested for a dispute with his girlfriend but will not face any charges.

According to the Associated Press, although he won't be prosecuted on domestic violence charges he may face charges on a probation violation from another domestic violence case. The reason he was thrown into jail this time was due to an argument he had with his girlfriend, Saffire Matos, that turned physical. Even though she was the one who called the cops, she later took to social media to downplay the entire incident. As we know, Ronnie has had a long history of domestic abuse issues with the mother of his child, Jen Harley.

According to TMZ, Ronnie is finally ready to face the problems that he has ignored and pushed to the side for years. He says his priority at this point is to get healthy again for the sake of his daughter. According to TMZ, all of the executives and producers at MTV are on board with Ronnie leaving the show.

Up until this point, Ronnie had been shooting scenes for the upcoming season of "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation." The new season premieres on June 3, and there is no word on whether or not Ronnie's scenes will be taken out.


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