Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nisha McKenzie & myself talk about the part of cancer that unfortunately gets overlooked... sexual health.

The struggle of dealing with cancer in itself is hard enough on a woman but going through treatments (radiation, chemo therapy, surgery) can effect a woman's sexual health as can the aftermath of beating cancer.

That's why its encouraged for women to seek treatment from a sex therapist or counselor to help with not only their sexuality but also their relationships, which can also take a toll during cancer. And when a woman has the support of her partner, the chance of recurrence significantly goes down.

This is a side of cancer that many don't think or talk about and it's just as important as surviving!

For questions or information, you can talk to your doctor/provider or contact the Center for Women's Sexual Health at (616) 591-9100. Sexuality after cancer is one of the conditions they help patients with.

Nisha McKenzie showing her love for boobs!

Of course, we love boobs (who doesn't?) but we don't want your vagina to suffer either.