Winslow is a 10-month-old Terrier Mix who was transferred to the Humane Society of West Michigan from a shelter in South Carolina. He has been known to get along with other dogs however, every situation can be different. He is a puppy with a lot of energy so he's going to require work and attention - something to keep in mind before adopting any puppy.
Holiday Safety - With Christmas next week we want to remind people of how to keep their pets safe, especially while there's a lot of people and possibly unfamiliar faces over which can be stressful to a pet. Some safety tips include:
  1. Have your pet in another room with music playing such as iCalm which is a blue tooth speaker that plays music that is designed to calm your pet.
  2. Keep an eye on your pet around kids - if a child is not familiar with your pet or vise-versa you want to make sure you are supervising.
  3. Keep non-pet-friendly food away!
  4. Give your pet something to do - for dogs give them kongs with peanut butter or a frozen treat. For cats give them a new toy or some catnip.
As the year wraps up, if you have time to give consider the Humane Society of West Michigan which is 100% donor-funded. You can make a monetary donation or even stop at the Humane Society and drop off things they may need such as food, toys, blankets, etc. You can make an online donation here.
Winter Camp (January 2-4, 2019) - Do your children have cabin fever? Take them to Winter Camp! There will be games, education, and animal time each day!