This is totally like, a really awesome post about those who say 'like' a whole bunch. You'll really like it a lot.

So, for a very long time people seemed to believe that saying the word 'like' a ton was actually just filler when you couldn't think of something to say. Others believed that it was just a nervous tick that some did to pass the time in a conversation. To some it was just plain and simple 'Valley Girl' speak.

You're all wrong: those who say 'like' are actually really smart.

The use of the word 'like' can be categorized into two parts. One is to show 'emotional accuracy'. This is adding like to a sentence that wouldn't sound good if you said it in the literal sense.

'Like' can also be used as a rest (much like in music) for dramatic pause.

It's really pretty interesting! It will blow your mind!

Read the study here!