Not gonna lie, I may have screamed like a girl to wake up like this!   It happened on a recent trip to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, in Botswana.  Francie Lubbe was on safari and camping when she woke to three lionesses licking the rain from the night before off her tent.  Instead of pulling a “Rob” and screaming while she ran out of the tent only to get eaten by said lionesses, she instead pulled out her phone and filmed the incredible encounter.

So side note:  If you come across this situation, do what Francie did.. Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are big cat conservationist told The Dodo:

"Too often people panic and behave badly when lions approach in the wild. I appreciate what these travelers did and how they responded, with calm and appreciation. Well done. The lions were licking dew or moisture off the tent apparently and not a threat in any way so the reaction is absolutely appropriate and their appreciation of the absolute privilege is fantastic."