This is something we need to do in Michigan, or at least here in West Michigan, STAT!

A friend pointed me in the direction of a website that shows where every snowplow is currently in Scotland.  I know, big deal, we have that here with MI Drive website.  But what we don't have the Scotland does... which is AMAZING names for their snowplows, or as they call them "Gritters."

Yes, so they have 100 Gritters and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. has a unique name, such as Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, or Gritney Spears. How about Sir-Grits-A-Lot, there's also Spready Mercury, and Sprinkles.  Can you imagine if we had names for all our plows??

For Scotland, according to Atlas Obscura, naming the gritters started back in 2006 when Transport for Scotland, which is the organization that runs the real-time map tracker asked elementary school or as they call them "primary school" kids to come up with the names for the trucks.

I thought this was so cool and that we should start doing this, and then I came across this tweet from Ellen Bacca on WOODTV and the response from MDOT,

MDOT - Southwest replied that they might actually start naming the plows which would be awesome and they even came up with a few really good names including,

Sir Salter Raleigh? Salt Disney?

I love that they are already thinking about the names they could use. I also love that there were comments that they need to name one Clementine in honor of the movie 'Snow Day' which starred Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot, who actually drove Clementine.

My Favorite name is Gritney Spears, and I can't think of a good "salt" name right now that's as creative or good.

Can you think of any really good names they need to name the MDOT snowplows?

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