COVID vaccine rates are beginning to plateau and state and city governments around the country are turning to a lottery to increase vaccine rates.  So, we got to thinking.  Should Michigan create its own vaccine lottery?

States like Ohio and Washington are offering up $1 million lotteries for people who are vaccinated and according to public officials, it's getting some people off the fence and into a clinic to get their shot.  Even some local governments are doing lotteries on their own.  Philadelphia created a lottery with cash prizes up to $50,000.

Michigan's current fully vaccinated population is at about 43%, which is slightly above the national average of 42.6%.  But, Michigan's vaccination rate is far below the top states, which are already getting close to a 60% rate.

So, should we offer some additional incentives to getting your COVID vaccine?  Or, should we just let people get the vaccine at their own discretion without offering any incentives?  Vote in our poll below and comment on our Facebook Page with what you think!

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