I think this should happen everywhere!

A school in Kentucky is giving seniors a quick “adulting” class before heading out into the real world.

According to the story on WNEM, Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky is offering a 3-day course in all the daily stuff we call being an adult, like changing a tire, how to do your laundry, cooking some meals, they even got to chat with insurance and banking professionals to learn how to save money and pay bills.

This is pretty brilliant and so much better than learning to sew your own clothes, like my Home Ec. class taught.  The teacher who came up with the class is calling it ‘Adulting 101’ and said all graduating seniors at Fern Creek HS are taking the 3 day class, says WNEM.

I really wish I would have had this class when I graduated; I remember my first roommate didn’t even know how to write and send a check to pay our water bill.


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