Single people, do you decorate for Christmas every year?

I can't speak for the women but I think I can speak for the single men when I say....uhhh.

I'm a slight "mamma's boy" so that always plays into my final answer. She loves decorating for Christmas and I know she would be really disappointed if I decided to not put a tree up.

But the other side of me is the single guy side. Do I really want to go through all of that work when I'm the only one who will see it? Also, is it "manly" to decorate the bachelor pad for Christmas?

After I broke up with my ex I bought a Palm tree to help with my emotions and I ended up decorating that last year.


Now THAT made the bachelor pad shine and it didn't take much effort! The problem this year is that I trimmed it before I moved from Northern Michigan.


Props to the women of Channel 95-7 who called the show today and encouraged me to put one up!

Maybe I can hang a bulb from the trimmed tree? Or I'll just go home and put up the 3 footer with the Nascar ornaments! (Hey don't judge!)