I have to admit, I love being a father and it has turned out to be quite an exciting time. Kids are a great joy, it cool to watch them grow. Even after the 17 months that she has been here, I have seen many great things, so I can imagine what the next few years have in store.

But I do have to say, watching her grow in the middle of the night is annoying.  I wish there was a way to convey to kids that 3am is sleepy time... But you cant.  Sleep is out the window, it makes you realize it is more of a luxury then you think it is. I use to remember the nights of staying up late because you could. Now I'm up at the same time, but that's after I'm scrambling to try to sneak in a 3 hour nap before hand.

The point of this is, well to complain a little bit, but to also inform you to believe all the people along the way who say... "Sleep while you can."