Colorful Katy Perry is full of surprises when it comes to appearances.

The musician turned (voice of ) Smurfette --  in The Smurfs movie that hits the silver screen on Friday -- not only showed up at the World Premiere of the 3D flick in an adorable, sequined Smurfette cocktail dress, but she also gave us a glimpse of her new reddish-blonde locks.

Katy recently said that she wanted to return to her blonde roots, but I was under the impression that she also wanted to do it naturally because her hairdresser had warned her about all of the damage that had been done while constantly treating it with chemicals.  I'm so not an expert, but it looks like she dyed her hair again.

To dye or not to dye is not the question.  Do you like her dress and shoes?  I think it's the perfect outfit for the occassion and I'm equally happy to see that the 'red carpet' was switched out with blue, for her movie debut!