If you're expecting a package through the mail be sure your delivery person doesn't leave it at your doorstep, especially if you live on the southeast side of Grand Rapids.

This morning I awoke to find a note on my door from my apartment complex alerting us to thieves in the neighborhood.

It's no surprise this time of year, but people are going around stealing packages from doorsteps.

This just so happens to be in the neighborhood near the Woodland Mall, the northeast corner of the 28th Street-Breton Avenune intersection.


This morning I planted, what I call, a bait box. It's just a box full of junk that I had sitting in my closet, it still has it's shipping label on it. I put that, along with the note attached, out on my doorstep before I left for work this morning. I also hooked up my webcam and started recording the action.

If I catch something, I'll be sure to share the video!

Until then, please request to sign for packages if you're expecting any.