Corporate big wigs recently made the announcement that Carrier is moving production to Mexico, how they did it was a bit bizarre and left many works angry.

Let's point out the obvious, no matter how the managers made this announcement people were going to be pretty lit up, but this just seemed weird. In a large meeting managers told 1,400 employees that the factory in Indianapolis was going to close, with all production being moved to Mexico.

I think where the manager went wrong here was by continuing to explain the "why." Yes, we get it, the company wants to increase profit margins, I doubt your line workers really give a rip. Actually, I know they don't care because you can hear a fairly loud "f$^# you" coming from the crowd.

I know it is probably against company policy, but I think the speaker should have tried to better identify with the struggle the workers will be facing. This is a slap to the blue collar worker.